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Posted: Sun May 05, pm. Guys, any ideas on this one? The first is with the "Ext Sync" button pressed and the second is without it pressed: With the button NOT pressed, you can hear the monitor searching for sync some sort of switching sound from inside the cabinet can be heard. The Supergun works fine as tested with my cps2 and cps3 and Micomsoft Framemeister Mini.

Any ideas?

Sony Trinitron PVM-20L4 Manuals

Maybe I need an lmbased sync stripper? Thanks all. The L5 does not need raw sync, it functions just a well being fed composite video as sync. Looks to me like something is not wired right. It still puzzles me why people think sync stripping is this panacea for all video problems. Dont bother with sync strippers, instead look at your cables. Maybe you've done one but not the other?

20l5 pvm

The colours in the second picture being correct leads me to think that the set is set to RGB rather than component. Posted: Mon May 06, am. Make sure the sync mode is set to external instead of internal in the display settings, I think I had this problem at first with my BVM.

Posted: Mon May 06, pm. Have you tried a factory reset? Maybe there is a sync setting thats been changed in the service menu, like sync on green being forced on or something? Guys, check this out. Any idea on how to permanently fix this, though? Wow, I am excited! Posted: Thu Jan 16, am. With EXT SYNC in use, the picture is centered about right but it's a bit on the bright side and the scanlines seem a bit defocused blurry.

Reset and underscan controls don't help. Any thoughts here?

Sony Trinitron PVM-20L5 Manuals

The unit's user interface controls all look perfectly good when it's used without a source plugged in. Edit: It's been suggested that this is bloom-related from failing to try turning down the RGB pots on the back of the unit - I have yet to try that.

Posted: Fri Jan 17, am. Yep, that seems to account for it. Interestingly or maybe not Sengoku Ace Ep 2, which is the first board I tested, puts out a different somewhat less-well-regulated picture than does Flame Gunner which is on PlayStation hardwarewith a faded vertical line of pixels on the left side of the picture a bit blurred. Picture itself looks fantastic overall though. I've yet to try out component or RGB display from consoles, which will also help determine how much if at all the supergun itself may be adding to the quality issue.

For the moment that leaves me with one question - is there an hours count on the PVM 20L5, and if so how do you find it? If somebody can share the service manual that's be great too currently looking for it, but no luck so far.

Posted: Mon May 02, pm. Hi, I just got a JP21 breakout cable from Wookiewin and I'm having a similar problem as the original poster with my 20L5. I first tried contacting Wookiewin, but thought I'd ask here as well just in case. I can only get an all-green, scrambled picture, it looks exactly like the first picture in the thread.

I double-checked all the connections, menu selections, and everything. Is it possible I got a miswired breakout cable?Posted: Fri May 05, am. I'd imagine with a mono to stereo adapter, it actually outputs stereo, correct?

Currently, I'm using a breakout cable and bypassing the monitor for audio use, by instead plugging the stereo portion of the breakout directly into powered speakers. This is what got me thinking that I may need to use my monitors audio passthrough I think it must be amplified? Just trying to keep it simple, ya know? I don't want to be unplugging stuff just to get it all working once in a while.


Posted: Fri May 05, pm. I have the 14L5 which is essentially the same other than the size. I use a small stereo amp that has more than enough power to a pair of small bookshelf speakers and works great. PVM internal speakers are terrible.

They're fine for testing, but you'd never want to use them to actually play anything. It's compact so it fits in front of my PVM, and while it isn't going to replace your home hifi, it's quite decent and represents an enormous improvement in the audio quality over the PVM's own speaker. If I need proper quality, I've always got the expensive headphones for that.

Isn't it funny how people insist on whatever tech they consider the absolute best for video, sparing no expense but combine it with low-end audio? I have a 20L5 as well and it is an absolutely gorgeous monitor.

But the speaker isn't the strongest. Not terrible, just a secondary consideration to the main function. I am in the same boat as you with RGB modding. Of my 10 consoles, only my Gamecube will not be going RGB.

It took a long time for it to come along, but patience paid off. It even has a phono jack so I have my turntable connected as well. It's tedious to go mono in, then split mono out back to the receiver and better speakers. Another annoying thing about the PVM is that the volume graphic stays up for like 10 seconds after you're done, so you get to skip that as well. Also, I have any mono audio system modded for fake stereo.The goal is to group similar models together at the page level, so multiple monitors in this list may link to the same page for example, the PVML2 and the PVML2 are very similar, share similar specifications apart from size, and link to the same page.

Be sure and double check before buying a new monitor. The first two symbols in the model name vaguely indicate the diagonal display size, e. The second two symbols indicate which series the monitor belongs to, as per this table:. Many models have various suffixes that can be appended to their names to denote a region or other attribute.

Some variants of monitors such as the NTSC versus PAL versions are still considered to be in the same series, while some variants such as the medical versions are considered distinct models. This should not be confused with the series letter: the PVMM2 denotes that it is in the M series, not that it is a v model.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This list is mostly focused on, but not limited to, monitors that are useful for retro gaming.

20l5 pvm

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20l5 pvm

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I can't say I'm very know-legible when it comes to RGB modding and all that but what's the best way to go when it comes to crt gaming? They are higher quality and generally built much better but the technology is still similar. S-Video is usually pretty close to RGB. Some people here have had luck by emailing local TV and video production studios to see if they have any retired CRT monitors.

Medical facilities used them also so if you have any medical resellers or electronics recycling places nearby, those are also good places to try. There's a listings thread at the top of the subreddit and some of us have had luck on Craigslist. You can also try eBay and filter by distance to see if there's one within driving distance. JVC, Ikegami, and I'm sure there are a few other brands make some nice pro monitors. Sony seems to be the prominent one and I see very few non-Sony ones in my area.

Thanks a bunch for all this information, I've only been seriously thinking about getting a CRT for a few days now I found a. Which one seems better? Also check out retrorgb. These resources should help you see some comparisons between s video and RGB. It makes a pretty big difference but it's more of a nice to have then a need to have imo.

And some systems are easier to use with RGB than others. This might be a more realistic solution that finding a hard to find PVM or BVM and might give better results if you like a bigger display with a sharper image. Thanks for the suggestion, I have seen those videos before.

I get a little lost sometimes but it's starting to make more sense as I dig deeper.Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. Save sony pvml5 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Unfollow sony pvml5 to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. Turn off email alerts. Not finding what you're looking for? Skip to main content.

Refine more Format Format. Items in search results. Search refinements Categories. Video Monitors 1. Specialty Services 1. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Japan 1. Type see all Type. Single Screen 1. Brand see all Brand. Sony 1. Condition see all Condition. Used 1.Posted: Tue May 22, am. I recently purchased the McWill Lynx mod and had it installed.

The screen replacement is incredible and works great. I've tried two separate approaches for combining the sync. The first was to connect the Lynx up through an Extron rxi. The second approach was through a Behar Bros. Kenzei through a Sync Strike and finally the Extron Both approaches produce the same distorted output.

Thank you for your help. Posted: Wed May 23, pm. This reminded me of the 75 ohm attenuation switch on the rear of the Emotia. When testing my Emotia previously, this dramatically affected brightness.

Does anyone know what this switch actually does and why it exists? The 'manual' for the Emotia is super sparse with no info. I'm hoping this may be a lead.

20l5 pvm

Posted: Fri May 25, am. Sorry, I can't help, but happy to see another Lynx fan around here I also have the McWill mod, it's definitely awesome. Kinda regretting not getting a VGA port installed now.

Posted: Sun May 27, am. I've updated the title of the thread. I don't see this distortion when sending p sources like the GameCube, Xbox, etc. I'll keep testing, but any leads are appreciated. Posted: Sun May 27, pm. Alright, this is really weird. I briefly fixed my issue and I don't know why, but more importantly, the fix stopped working. A commenter in the Reddit thread mentioning the OP should use an Extron rxi unit.

I happen to have one right before my PVM, so I didn't pay much attention. I thought perhaps my rxi unit was at fault so I figured I would try my other rxi. Prior to disconnecting the rxi unit, I figured I would toggle some of the dipswitches.

I then adjusted the centering slightly and the picture went back to like before. I then proceeded to test and retest toggling the dipswitch, powering off and on the device, and even trying the rxi. Not since have I been able to fix the problem.

I don't understand what could have happened when enabling ADSP the first time that would have corrected the problem. Posted: Mon May 28, pm.

SONY PVM 2130QM تصليح وضبط شاشة

Go into the service menu and change Y-CLMP to a higher or lower number so it is no longer sampling clamping values during the active picture. No need for the extron device. I am running Windows 10 and hooking it up as an extended desktop. I created the resolution using Nvidia control center custom resolution utility. When I switch to p the image goes very dark and there is a bright line across the top of the screen.

The image looks like crap.