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Episode List

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Come Outside - Boots

Pippin is frightened when she finds two geese swimming on the pond in Auntie Mabel's garden. They fly in Spotty Plane to a place where there are many different kinds of geese and some goslings. They get home just in time to see the geese fly away. Auntie Mabel gives Pippin a new cushion filled with goose feathers. But Pippin wants to play with it, the cushion splits open and feathers fly everywhere. Add Image S2, Ep2. Auntie Mabel and Pippin have been out for a walk and they got caught in the rain.

Auntie Mabel's Wellington boots have holes in them and her feet are wet. They fly in Spotty Plane to the shoe shop in the High Street but Auntie Mabel is dismayed to find they have sold out of boots in her size.

There Auntie Mabel shows us how the rubber is pressed flat, a lining is glued on, the rubber is formed into the shape of a boot, and soles and heels are added. Auntie Mabel buys a Add Image S2, Ep3. It's Pippin's bath day and so she is hiding in the cupboard.

Auntie Mabel is about to run the bath when she sees a spider. She lifts it out of the bath, counts its legs and shows how it can spin a thread and hang from it. A spider is seen spinning a web to catch an insect.

Auntie Mabel and Pippin fly in Spotty Plane to Peter's house and visit some big spiders, including a tarantula, and their spider-lings. When they get home it's time for Pippin's bath - but Auntie Mabel has to catch her first. Add Image S2, Ep4.

Auntie Mabel has to return some books to the library before it shuts. She and Pippin climb into Spotty Plane but it won't start and so they have to go on the bus. Auntie Mabel is in such a hurry that she leaves Pippin asleep on the bus by mistake. Pippin ends up at the bus depot where she helps the bus driver look for lost property and sees a bus being washed and filled with fuel. Auntie Mabel discovers her plane wouldn't start because its tank was empty, and Pippin gets a special ride home on the bus.

Add Image S2, Ep5. They help with the harvesting, watch the apples being sorted and ride with the apples to market where they are bought by a shop-owner. They go to the shop where the apples are put on display and Auntie Mabel buys some for a fruit salad. Add Image S2, Ep6. It is Pippin's birthday.

Auntie Mabel is cleaning the house and washing her kitchen floor ready for a party. She takes her laundry to the launderette where Pippin helps with the washing while Auntie Mabel takes her best dress to be dry cleaned.Pippin the dog is surprised to find geese swimming in Auntie Mabel's pond.

Pippin decides to hide in the back of a removal van. Auntie Mabel and Pippin fly in Auntie's aeroplane to find out where bread comes from. Auntie Mabel finds some dandelions growing in her garden and tells their story. Auntie Mabel is looking after Bobbie, her sister Eadie's rabbit, and Pippin is sulking.

Auntie and Pippin collect some newly laid eggs from the hens. Auntie Mabel and Pippin go on a picnic and decide to visit a blackcurrant juice factory. Auntie Mabel visits the dentist, and Pippin the dog has her teeth checked by the vet.

Auntie Mabel and Pippin have been to stay with a friend, Dora, and they send her a letter. Auntie Mabel digs a hole to plant a tree.

auntie mabel bus

She and Pippin watch phone cables being laid. Pippin chases a butterfly, and Auntie Mabel collects pictures of butterflies and moths. Pippin helps to plant daffodil bulbs in Lincolnshire and joins the Spalding Flower Parade.

Auntie Mabel observes a mouse living in a hole in her kitchen wall. Auntie Mabel sorts out her rubbish, ready for recycling, while Pippin picks up litter. Auntie Mabel is knitting a blue jumper for her sister Eadie when she runs out of wool. Pippin the dog meets some frogs in her garden, and Auntie Mabel finds some frogspawn. Auntie Mabel looks at where paper comes from and how it is used to make everyday items.

Aunt Mabel flies to Spain to watch the orange harvest and visit a marmalade factory. Auntie Mabel and Pippin follow their noses to a sewage treatment plant. Auntie Mabel is getting ready to give children a music lesson using wooden instruments.

Auntie Mabel remembers the day she and Pippin visited a factory to see brushes being made. It is Pippin's birthday and Auntie Mabel is cleaning the house ready for her party. Auntie Mabel and Pippin the dog investigate rain. Auntie Mabel and her dog Pippin visit an apple orchard in Kent to help with harvesting.

Auntie Mabel and Pippin the dog find out how street lamps work, and who repairs them. Auntie Mabel and Pippin the dog look at water.The following is a list of episodes for the children's television seriesCome Outside.

It is night time at Auntie Mabel's house. She and her dog Pippin search the garden for Spikey the hedgehog who is a regular visitor. Auntie Mabel remembers the day when Spikey broke his leg and she flew him in her aeroplane to St. Tiggywinkle's Wildlife Hospital. She saw many other sick animals at the hospital. Spikey soon recovered and was returned to Auntie Mabel's garden. Auntie Mabel is about to go to bed when she spots Spikey enjoying a meal of Pippin's favourite dog food.

Pippin is making too much mess indoors and Auntie Mabel decides she must move into a kennel in the garden. Pippin is not keen, even when her friend Danny pays a visit. She and Pippin fly to London Zoo to see the giant snails. When they return, Pippin is sent to her kennel for the night. Milne then changes her mind and lets Pippin back into the house. Auntie Mabel is filling the bath when she hears water gushing outside.

A pipe under the street is leaking. The leaking pipe is mended and now Pippin can have her bath. But where is she?

auntie mabel bus

Today Auntie Mabel will give some children a music lesson using wooden musical instruments. She uses wooden kitchen utensils to make some jam tarts for the children. Pippin wants a jam tart but Auntie Mabel tells her they are not good for dogs. Auntie Mabel finds many things made of wood in her kitchen and living room.

They saw a tree being felled, visited a factory where wooden furniture is made and bought a wooden chair. She carries it around with her all day, even when they fly off in Spotty Plane to visit a forest. They see a tree being cut down and travel with it to a paper factory where they find out how newspaper is made.

When they get home, the newspaper Pippin is carrying is not the one Auntie Mabel was expecting to read!If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? A lady introduce her husband's name with saying by which can stop or move train what is that name. Give points yo advocate thst biology is linked with physics chemistry mathsmatics geography. All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply.

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auntie mabel bus

Wiki User No Pippin is not still alive - the show started in the s! If you look at the shows that are on TV today they were made in the 90's and there have not been any new shows for over 12 years!

The latest "Pippin" died in which was the grandson of the original Pippin who died in the late 90's. Most shows that are shown today are or You can verify this by watching and at the end you are given the Roman Numerals of the date of the show was made after the end credits. Also there are 40 shows which are shown on a loop repeat. I have to sky plus it for my 2 year old daughter who loves the show, it is on mid morning on cbeebies. Apples - Auntie Mabel makes a fruit salad - but doesn't have any apples!

A Rainy Day- Aunty Mabel returns from the beach in the rain. Lots of singing of Incy Wincy Spider and a broken gutter to be fixed. A Woolly Jumper - Auntie Mabel runs out of wool to finish the sweater she is making for her sister. She goes to find some wool, and along the way, finds out where wool comes from, and how it is coloured.

Boots - Auntie Mabel finds out how wellington boots are made.

Milk Chocolate Muffin 70g

Boxes - Auntie Mabel is moving house, and she shows us the contents of the many boxes she is taking with her. Bread - Auntie Mabel has run out of bread. She and Pippin go to get some, and along the way, she and Pippin find out how bread is made.

Bricks - Auntie Mabel is building a wall, but she has run out of bricks! Brushes - Auntie Mabel has many brushes in her house. She explains the story of how she went to get one brush, but ended up with a dozen or more! Bulbs - Auntie Mabel takes Pippin to a daffodil field to watch them being cropped, before taking part in the Spalding Flower Parade Buses- Auntie Mabel's plane won't start, so she and Pippin have to travel by bus. But Auntie Mabel accidentally leaves Pippin on the bus.

A kindly driver brings Pippin home.Watch the video. Auntie Mabel has to return some books to the library before it shuts. She and Pippin climb into Spotty Plane but it won't start and so they have to go on the bus. Auntie Mabel is in such a hurry that she leaves Pippin asleep on the bus by mistake. Pippin ends up at the bus depot where she helps the bus driver look for lost property and sees a bus being washed and filled with fuel.

Auntie Mabel discovers her plane wouldn't start because its tank was empty, and Pippin gets a special ride home on the bus. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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auntie mabel bus

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Auntie Mabel Ch. 01

Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Come Outside —. Rate This. Season 2 Episode 4. All Episodes Auntie Mabel is in such a Director: Barbara Roddam.

Writer: Elizabeth Bennett. Stars: Lynda BaronAshok Srivastava. Added to Watchlist.John woke up late, but it was no problem as it was a Saturday and he didn't have to go to work this weekend. He had overslept a bit because last night had been his eighteenth birthday and he had been out with a few friends celebrating. Luckily he never suffered from hangovers so although a bit tired he was otherwise ok.

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Once he had come he would feel the welcome relief and relaxation of all his muscles that was the good side of masturbation. The bad side was the recognition that although he was now officially a man he had still never had sex with a girl. John was an apprentice engineer and as such was in a predominantly male world. The walls of the factory were covered in pinups of naked women, some with their legs wide open and leaving nothing to the imagination.

Most of the banter between the engineers was about who they fancied in the office and who had fucked who lately. Like most lads he tried to give the impression that he had plenty of girlfriends and was quite a man of the world, but unfortunately he was just to shy to approach any of the girls he fancied, and too honest to pretend to fancy the ones he didn't.

However before he could commence his relief, he heard his mother coming up the stairs towards his room. To take his mind off he sexual problems he tried to remember what it was that he had to do that day. Oh yes, he remembered that he had promised to help his mother's old friend Auntie Mabel move in to her new house just up the road from theirs.

The Wheels On the Bus

He had never met her, apparently she wasn't really his Aunt but was just a very old friend of his mother's sister and after being widowed a few years ago had downsized into a small flat close to his mother for company. He got up, washed and dressed and ran down to the kitchen. His mother Doreen, who had been up since 7am made him some tea and toast and then they both left the house and walked the few hundred yards to the flat. The removal men had just driven away and the first thing john noticed was a woman bending over a box in the garden.

She was wearing a pair of denim shorts, a tee-shirt, and a big floppy hat and he noticed that she had a lovely little bum. His mum ignored him as she walked right up to the woman and lightly smacked her on the bottom. The woman straightened up and turned to face them with a welcoming smile on her face. She was about five foot tall and although generally slim she had a well-developed bust under the tee-shirt. He realised that although from the rear she looked like a young woman, her beautiful heart shaped face belonged to a mature worldly-wise woman.

Her eyes were a stunning deep blue and they focused on john as he stood by the gate. Introduced his mum. You make me feel old, Auntie indeed, 'just call me May, John' she replied shaking his hand and looking up at him with a smile. From his height advantage he looked down at her and his eyes were drawn involuntarily to where the top of her loose tee-shirt had gaped open and was giving him a partial view of two firm large breasts. Like most teenagers he was transfixed for a few seconds before he noticed May was still shaking his hand which had the effect of making her breasts wobble in a most disturbing way.

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His mother had gone into the flat and was moving things about in the small kitchen, but May had stopped at the front door and to John's further embarrassment she seemed to be observing him in the reflection of the glass panels in the door.