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He friend zoned me. But Why whwn he makes it obvious he's attracted to me?

I have a crush, ladies. He and I have been out a few times. The problem is that I keep trying, even though he meets all the signs of having friend zoned me. What are the friend zone signs, you ask?

Here they are. Guys who are into you will put in some effort to keep the conversation going. Nothing works! When you like someone, there comes a point in time when you say it to that person. Sometimes you just have to be the one to make that first move.

First of all, if a man who IS into you starts talking about other women, then you need to walk away and move on. One of the most common methods of flirting is to touch the person you like. I hate waiting. Listen, ladies, a man who is into you will never let you pay for his dinner. Trust me ladies, this man is making me crazy. Or anyone else for that matter. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Relationships Bored In A Relationship? Hair Makeup Skin Care. Accessories Celebs Clothes Shoes. Fitness Health Personal Development. Add Comment. Are you having no luck in getting his attention? If he's hard to read, maybe he put you in the friend zone. Here are 10 friend zone signs to watch out for.

he friendzoned me but still flirts

Tags dating psychology friend zone. You may also like.I know he's attracted to me because he says certain things that And I was just saying im not gay. And he says "I hope not! And then whenever we hang out and either of us get ready to go he always gives me a tight lingering hug.

And we just stand there holding each other and he looks right into my eyes like he wants to kiss me. We did make out once. A long time ago, but that was it. Nothibg physical ever happened between us I know its not in my head. I just don't really understand why he would friend zone me if he is attracted to me. I never asked him the details as to why. I have asked him though if he likes me.

Alk he told me was that he really likes me thinks im a beautiful wman Which I took as him telling me he just sees me as a friend. Any guys have done this to a woman they were attracted to before? Why did you do it? Also I might add he's told his mom about me and I have even met her. He also opens up to me and tells me everything. He has told me I'm the only girl he's invited over to his place to hang out. So whats up with him? He's afraid that if ya'll step out of the friendzone and it doesn't work out, ya'll will stop being friends and he doesnt want that to happen.

Oh, okay. That's what I was thinking too. But its sooo confusing because he was pursuing me so hard before. I dunno how long this will keep up. The sexual tension between us is really strong.

Well I've told him that another guy wants to date me which is true and he wished me luck with it. But I really doubt he'd be completely okay with me dating him.

At this point though im moving on.Tell him to back off! D: Then ignore him if he persists. Delete his number, block him on everything etc.

Is he not toying with her emotions? She needs to get some fun out of this too. The only opinion from guys was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion! And I think my problem is is that I'm too nice. I asked him out and he said I was a great girl, but he was interested in someone else who lives an hour and a half away and hardly sees and that we should just remain friends.

So fine. I was okay with that, because I realized it probably wouldn't have been a good idea anyways. So, a few months have passed and I've basically gotten over him. I'm just super nice to everyone and I just treat him like a friend now. Maybe I'm too friendly, I don't know. But I feel like things are starting to creep back to the way they were before, with him flirting with me all the time. Except this time, I'm not reciprocating. Or at least, I'm not intentionally.

I just don't understand it. I've moved on. But he sits close to me and he gives me more hugs than usual. And it's a really weird. I could be wrong and we're just moving towards a new phase in our friendship?

Friend Zone Signs: 10 Indicators You’ve Been Friend Zoned

We're pretty good friends. I'm just all confused. But I feel like he's just leading me on and I don't want to be in that place that I was before when I thought he liked me because he definitely showed the signs then. I try to back off Maybe I have to some more?

I try to separate myself from him as much as I can, but we have the same group of friends. Boys, you drive me crazy! Nothing important.Guy's Behavior.

Share Facebook. Why does he friend zone me but still flirt with me?

he friendzoned me but still flirts

Add Opinion. Dizmsbfifb Xper 1. In my experience its because they want the fun parts of a relationship ie. Sometimes the only thing they're trying to get out of though is commitment so don't worry too much. Caracolito Xper 3. Because we are shy sometimes and don't want to he hurted. A soft approach to say "I like you a lot" rather than do the "let's go to bed -thing as many do nowerdays Because he a dumbass idiot who like to waste a girl's time.

Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. He might value you high as a women and not want to mess your life up. Or he just sees you as someone special to him like a sister or closely related cousin. I flirt with my cousins but there are limits to how far I go. Meh kick that mf to the curve better go look for a guy that appreciates you and wants you in his life as more than a friend.

Lincolnwelder Xper 1.

He's an idiot it's what guys do sweetie it'll be ok you got a bug life ahead of you if he can see you for who you are then he's an idiot. I would like the answer to this too! Nandor Guru. I dont think you know what friendzone means. Do you know what friend-zoning is? He's trying to keep you as a back up?

Burly Xper 1. Because he's probably a natural flirt. Xper 7. Awww cute! Nahid Guru. Related myTakes. Show All.There's nothing more frustrating than not knowing where you stand with someone. Both men and women have spent centuries trying to read through the signs. Am I in the friend zone? Will they ever see a future with me?

Not to mention the fact, this very debate has spawned countless books and movies that we watch repeatedly as we nod our heads in agreement.

Yet, somehow we're still trying to figure out if that co-worker is actually flirting with us, or just really, really outgoing. And it certainly doesn't help that we just so tend to read into everything when we start to like someone. Just tell me, I can take it!! I get it. Hey, we've all been there. Next time you're determining whether or not a guy or gal wants you, or just wants to high five you and that's about it, look out for these 7 signs.

And if you are in the dreaded friend zone? There's good news. If they don't appreciate how awesome you are, this person isn't right for you anyway — and you can stop wasting your time right about now.

Let us clarify: This does not include group outings. No one likes a block. This is a tricky one, because depending on the emotional maturity of this person, this can at times double as a "make you jealous" or "try to gauge your reaction" tactic.

Their loss. When we like someone, it's almost impossible for our bodies not to take over in some way. We don't even notice it half the time, that's how instinctual it is; if and when the touching does start infiltrating the flirting, you'll be opening the window for that person to do the same.

Typically when a guy or girl knows their buddy is into you, you can tell they've been told this fact merely by their facial reaction. They already know your name. They know everything. And they suck at hiding this fact. It's great when your relationship hits that point when you can really open up to somebody; we're in no way knocking that, because it means you're becoming intimate.

How many times have you provided advice on how to deal with a psychotic roommate? If you're nodding along to this right now, consider yourself a friend Now let us clarify, because there is a very subtle — yet highly important — distinction with this one.

Images: foxsearchlight.I've done that. Not said something as loserish as that lol but made it clear I like her. She knows I do. I think she might just be playing with me. And is there any way I can tell the difference and see what her true intentions are? Im sorry Hun, no I can't think of anyway of knowing what her true intentions are. I guess the only thing would be to ask her out, I'm assuming you haven't done this yet. Take it up a notch and ask her out. If she still says you are just friends then maybe Spirit is right.

But just speculation. I have asked her out and it turned into a big argument because she goes to university in a couple of months so I don't think she wants anything serious. I wasn't after anything serious either. But now we are flirting and everything like it was before. This is one strange girl who I can't work out. But why? Make her feel better about what? I don't understand the reason behind it if this is true. Sounds scary lol explain a bit more by what you mean by dark past and that she's not telling me something?

Well she could be a criminal. She could have boygriends she's not telling you. She could be married most likely not the case :p Or she isn't allowed by her parents. I've tried that and she still texts me first.

I don't know whether she's playing with me or actually likes me.She rejected me but still acts interested: What does it mean? A woman has rejected you but she still wants your attention.

She might text you, flirt with youor even intentionally lead you on and leave you feeling extremely frustrated. I get it. As a coach, who also happens to be a woman, I have coached thousands of men in this type of situation. This is something that happens all the time and I know exactly what to do. In this blog, I am going to give you some techniques but I will also give you some insight, as a woman, as to why this is happening. I welcome your comments, questions, and concerns below this blog, so if you need some advice on your specific situation, all you have to do is comment below and I will try my best to respond.

In most cases, women reject men for a couple of different reasons and I am going to explain them here for you. Normally, when you are in the attraction stage of dating, you want to make sure that both of you have a mutual connection and are reciprocating and initiating at more or less the same level. What ends up happening here is that a man over-initiates, does not become perceptive to her responses, and continues to try and make things work.

A woman also wants to feel like she has to work for something and when she sees that she has you in the bag, then it makes you less desirable. She might be young or recently out of a divorce and she does not want to get into anything too serious. She might be looking to play the field and have fun with other men.

If this is the case she might have rejected you because she saw that you were getting more serious than what she is currently looking for. This could be for numerous reasons. It did not give her any substance of who you truly.

You were constantly trying to make her happy but forgot about yourself during this time. Women are attracted to the inner confidence of a man and I talk about how to get out of the friend zone anymore in my product here! Women want to be inspired by a man and true inspiration comes from motivation and positivity.

he friendzoned me but still flirts

She wants to learn from you so if your life just becomes all about her, how can she be motivated by that? Being aligned with a purpose and following and going after something that makes you happy is exactly what you have to do in order to get her to think of you as high-quality and different from everyone else.

Listen, women can sometimes be the most confusing creatures on the planet and sometimes we can even confuse ourselves! If a woman rejected you and is leading you on and you continue to stick around, then you are already doing something wrong. You must have a sense of self-respect for yourself and stand for how you are willing to be treated. Never in a million years would I suggest any man to be with a woman that does this to him. Because this is toxic behavior which leads to unhealthy relationships.

There are women out there that will use you for attention and want you to stick around so they will breadcrumb you here and there and have you when they want you. So my question to you, is this a one-track relationship?

Lastly, the only time I would encourage you to maybe stick around is when a woman is open with you that she wants to be with you but is going through a difficult time like studies, loss of a family member, child troubles, etc.

When a woman is open with you on why she lead you on and then rejected you, then this is when you just need to be focused on you and show her that you will be ok with or without her instead of proving that you can help her through this rough time.

If she needs the support then support her but also show her that you will give her personal space and not become overbearing. You have to pace yourself and not put a woman on a pedestal.

If this is you then I want you to back away and start letting her come to you more.